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Is it Truth or is it Fiction?

In honour of Black History Month I thought it would be nice to remember Alex Haley's 'Roots' - the 1976 Mini Series that some say started the "Genealogy Craze".

Some digging around on the internet and one finds that most genealogists and historians believe Haley's research in to his past is considered faulty at best.  The following article explains some of the discrepancies noted:  Roots Revisited

Regardless Roots was a best seller and the content just as compelling today, 35 years later, as it was when it was written and aired.  Below is a clip from early in the series.

~Roots~ Kunta Forced to Say Slave Name

"Don't you care what that white man call you. He make you say Toby, what you care, you know who you be - Kunta, Kunta Kinte.
That's who you always be. There's gonna be another day."


TCasteel said...

I was 16yrs old when "Roots" aired, and I was glued to that series. Faulty or not, "Roots" definitely started my quest to uncover our family history.
Theresa (Tangled Trees)

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