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Divulging in some of Tim McGraw's ancestors

Who Do You Think You Are?'s next episode will feature the famous country music star and actor, Tim McGraw. Watson and I have done a bit of detective work and looked into some branches of Tim McGraw's family tree. This post will dish out some long-forgotten family secrets and facts, that most certainly would've been passed down as family stories!
Tim McGraw was born as Samuel Timothy McGraw, on 01 May 1967, in Delhi, Richland Parish, Louisiana. He was an illegitimate son of Frank Edwin "Tug" McGraw, Jr. and Elizabeth Ann D'Agostino. Tim's father "Tug" made his debut in major league baseball on 18 Apr 1965 for the New York Mets. According to very many biographies, he was born 30 Aug 1944 in Martinez, Contra Costa County, California. He was the son of Fred Edwin "Big Mac" McGraw, Sr. and Mable McKenna. This is when our search began to really take off and get interesting.

..an illegitimate son..
We found that Frank Edwin McGraw, Sr. was born on 21 Jul 1911 in San Francisco County, California and died 24 Jul 1991 in Napa County, California. He was the son of Andrew McGraw (the son of Irish immigrants) and Ella May Nave (a native of Missouri).

Research into the 1900 census finds Ella May living with her father David Robert Nave and her step-mother Bessie (who was only about 9 years older than Ella), living in Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas. Now according to Ella May Nave's death record, she was the daughter of a Chrisman. Interestingly enough, knowing that Ella May's mother was a Chrisman, I find two of Ella May's younger brothers living with their grandmother "Dotia" Chrisman in Prairie Township, Jackson County, Missouri in the 1900 census.

Here you find Ella May living with her father in Kansas

Why would two of Ella May's younger brothers be living with their grandmother
in Missouri, when Ella May was living with her father in Kansas?

Here you see Thomas & Grover Nave living with grandmother Dotia Chrisman

Just to prove the case that this "Dotia" Chrisman was Ella May's grandmother, we find David Robert Nave with his wife Amelia Chrismas in the 1880 census living in the household listed just below a James and Dosha Christman. Something else very interesting that helps prove this, is the fact that Dotia's spinster sister Permelia Hodges was living with Dotia in both 1880 and 1900. It's definitely them. :)

The Chrisman, Hodges & Nave families in 1880
Why did Permelia Hodges remain a spinster her entire life?

Further research provides us Dotia (Hodges) Chrisman's true name, Theodosia! She appears in the 1850 census in Marshall Township, Platte County, Missouri with her parents and siblings. She was the daughter of Welcome Hodges and his wife Rebecca Callaway. According to this family's entry in the 1850 census, Dotia had at least six siblings and another possible older brother listed in the household below. And Permelia was one of those six siblings.

The Hodges family in Marshall Township, Platte County, Missouri

Welcome Hodges and Rebecca Callaway were married in Knox County, Tennessee on 16 Feb 1817 by Amos Hardin, the Justice of the Peace for Knox County.

Marriage license record for Welcome Hodges & Rebecca Callaway

Sometime between 1850 and 1860, Welcome Hodges and wife Rebecca Callaway moved to Cass County, Missouri. On 01 Aug 1866 in Cass County, Missouri, Welcome Hodges requsted a pardon from President Johnson. He appears to have lost a large amount of his estate because of the Civil War. At the time the parden was written, Welcome Hodges was living in a "little home which is about all that is left to him out of ravages of war." The letter is very hard to read, unfortunately.

In 1860, Welcome Hodges held a considerable amount of property. The value of his real estate was estimated at $14,500 and the value of his personal estate at $8,590. By 1866, he had but a "little home".

Going back another generation to Rebecca Callaway's parents, we begin to get into the era of the Revolutionary War. Rebecca was the daughter of Thomas Callaway, Jr. and his wife Jude. Thomas Callaway, Jr. was involved in the battle of Kings Mountain on 07 Oct 1780 near Kings Mountain, Gaston

..achieved the position of Captain..

County, North Carolina. Thomas Callaway, Sr. achieved the position of Captain during the French-Indian war, who George Washington was well known to have participated in.

What's your secret?

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Nice research work!

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Mabe the reason you see the Nave boys,(brothers to Ella May) being listed with there grandmother is because they may have been visiting. Back then whoever answered the door gave the information to the census taker...sometimes they would even gather information from neighbors..ages were guess, relationship to houshold were sometimes guessed..that could be part of the confusion. You could hunt court records to see if grandma Chrisman may have had custody of the boys...lots of possibilities.

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